Helping Others: Giving Little Ones What They Need

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Since having my first little guy a few years ago, I’ve developed a soft spot for trying to help low-income children and mothers get what they need. God has blessed our little family so much and I can’t imagine trying to take care of a newborn child while living in a car, not having enough food to provide your children, or not having enough money to buy diapers and ┬áthus feeding them less so you go through less diapers.

Therefore, with this post I wanted to highlight a couple of charities I admire that are helping these young families meet their needs. But first, here are a few stats about low-income children (Source: NCCP):

  • One in five children live in poverty
  • Among children under 3, almost 50% live in low-income families
  • Poverty is on the rise. Among children under 3, the percentage living in low-income families increased 5 pts between 2006 and 2011.

Here are a few charities I admire for their work on this issue:

1. Nourish America

Nourish America helps provide nutrient rich foods and vitamins to impoverished children and families. Their program “Healthy Moms and Babies” helps provide proper prenatal nutrition to low-income mothers. They also have a program “Children First” that provides nutrients to children with food insecurity. As they put it, “Malnourished children are too tired to focus in school, are uninterested in play and have low self-esteem, lacking the hope and motivation to succeed in life”. Therefore, by providing these nutrients children can focus on growing and learning rather than worrying about where their next meal will come from.

2. Help a Mother Out

Help a Mother Out works to diapers to those in need. Unlike food, diapers aren’t covered under programs like WIC or food stamps. If a family can’t afford diapers, these families sometimes try and extend the use of the diapers by keeping their children in them longer or re-use soiled diapers. Clearly that can lead to significant health concerns. On average, diapers will cost a family between $75-$100 a month which is a significant investment for low-income families. Therefore, this organization helps out by providing diapers to these families and taking one thing off their plate.

3. Project Night Night

After food and diapers, Project Night Night provides that last little bit of comfort every child deserves. They provide children aged from birth to pre-teen with “Night Night Packages” that include a blanket, age-appropriate book, and stuffed animal. Each year, 25,000 packages are distributed annually to children in need. What a great cause to provide these children with something so meaningful to them.

With that, I hope you have enjoyed this spotlight. These babies and children are so young that they can’t provide for themselves and I hope you consider how you can help save these young children.

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